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How Suncoast Academy Encourages A Healthy Diet for Preschoolers

Healthy habits that form early in life help to set the stage for a balanced, well-ordered existence as children grow. Few things are more important than teaching kids to make good food choices, and that’s why the staff at Suncoast Academy Preschool has adopted MyPlate.

Since 2011, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has touted MyPlate as the essential model for teaching children how to form healthy eating habits. The model, which replaces the more confusing food pyramid of old, places bigger emphasis on the importance of fruits and vegetables at every meal. When using MyPlate, kids learn to fill at least 50 percent of their plates with tasty choices such as leafy greens and tangy citrus, leaving the other halves to be filled in with a combination of grains and proteins. A single serving of diary balances out the meal.

Developed with the intention of helping to eradicate childhood obesity, MyPlate uses a simple, colorful depiction of a plate that’s filled with geometric food portions. It’s easy to read at first glance and easy for children — even preschoolers — to understand and to adopt.

Using MyPlate, the staff and administration at Suncoast Academy can ensure that your children are offered only the best, most healthful and filling food choices.

High-Energy, Low-Calorie Meals

Suncoast Academy takes your child’s daily performance seriously. We want each child to have the tools it takes to succeed at work and at play and at all the little moments that happen in between. Kids feel better when they eat well. They have more long-term energy, fewer sugar crashes and brains that are alert and ready to learn. It takes a lot of energy to see a preschooler through a full day of learning, socializing and play, and at Suncoast, we believe that diet plays an essential role in helping kids reach that goal.

Tasty Options

But it’s not about forcing children to ingest foods they dislike. While the talented food staff at Suncoast strives every day to introduce kids to new, healthy foods, meals and snacks are fun and attractive as well. Filled with a variety of food options that includes such childhood favorites as spaghetti or grilled cheese, each plate features a healthy assortment of sides that work together to fulfill the MyPlate requirements as well. If he or she doesn’t already love flavorful foods like peach halves or carrot sticks, your early learner may very well develop some new, healthy favorites during their time spent at Suncoast Academy.

Contact Us Today

For more information regarding the nutritional requirements offered by the Suncoast Academy team, we invite you to contact us at 813-253-3284, download our brochure, or make an appointment to stop by and talk with a member of our friendly staff. At Suncoast Academy Preschool, we want children to succeed at both work and at play, and we believe that what kids eat plays a vital role.

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