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Choosing Quality Infant Care in Tampa

infant careIt’s not always easy to have someone else care for your child, especially when your little one is still an infant.  But getting a head start on the process and working through a few simple steps can make it easier.

First, consider the licensing and reputations of your options.  Suncoast Academy, for example, is licensed and striving to surpass those requirements.  You can see parent testimonials regarding the Academy online, as well.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your child care provider has organized expectations and clear follow through.  Do you know the rules for your child to follow?  Do you know what you will be expected to do?  Do you know what you can expect from your provider?

You’ll also want to check the provider’s curriculum and approach to daily activities.  You likely wouldn’t sit your baby in an infant seat all day if he or she were at home with you, so having high expectations of what your child will do without you around is only normal.  At Suncoast Academy, infants daily participate in a variety of theme-oriented activities that are developmentally appropriate.

Who is caring for your children is just as important as where they go for care.  Make sure the staff members at the center you choose are well-qualified and experienced.

Finally, take a tour of your childcare choices.  Make sure the facilities are clean, adequately ventilated, have plenty of light, and are using child-friendly and developmentally appropriate toys, play areas, and equipment.  Staff members should be friendly and professional.  You should feel comfortable as a visitor and you should feel comfortable with the prospect of your infant spending time at the facility.  Suncoast Academy provides an online virtual tour to help you make these judgments ahead of your in-person visit.

Infant Care in Tampa

For more information about the infant childcare available at Suncoast Academy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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