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What is an Early Learning Report

Preparing a child for Kindergarten starts in Preschool. At a young age, you want your children to feel comfortable with their teachers and other children their age. To better prepare your child for the road ahead, Suncoast Academy preschool provides Early Learning Reports that keep you up-to-date on your child’s progress and their behavior.

Basics of an Early Learning Reports in Preschool

The purpose of an Early Learning Report is to provide insight on the skills your child is learning as well as potential challenges. Your child’s Early Learning Report will include a reading log, homework assignments, and a classroom behavior report.

Reading Log: Developing reading skills at an early age exposes children to words, ideas, and text before entering school. Our Reading Log is the perfect way to record books that you and your child read together.

Homework Assignments: While preschool children do not have a large amount of homework, we prepare children for kindergarten by giving them assignments to complete at home.

Behavior Reports: Behavior in the classroom is a key part of preparing for Kindergarten and Elementary education. In our preschool, we provide parents with details into a child’s behavior and inform you about potential problems or concerns. We may detail the accidents, mistakes or inappropriate behavior as well as the moments of kindness or other appropriate actions to help you determine when a child is ready to move forward into kindergarten.

Evaluating the Details

As a parent, you want to review your child’s progress and keep up with your child’s early education. Our Early Learning Report gives you details about potential behavioral concerns, particularly if your child does not feel comfortable in a classroom environment and may need more time before starting Kindergarten. It also helps you determine when your child may need extra help at home with classroom assignments or may be facing challenges with certain concepts or ideas. Pay close attention to the details we outline to ensure that you have a full understanding of the challenges your child may face when moving forward with his or her education. Learning reports are reviewed with parents three times per year.

Preparing for the Future

The goal of an Early Learning Report is preparing your child for the future. We focus on keeping parents informed about a child’s comprehension of their tasks and assignments. We also ensure that you are aware of your child’s progress in regards to early reading and social skills. By following through with the reports and keeping you informed about your child’s current skills, we help you determine the best timing for your child’s next step in their education.

Kindergarten starts at a young age and you may feel concerned about your child’s ability to adapt to the changing environment. By enrolling your child in Preschool and preparing them for Elementary education in advance, you prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable with the changes.

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