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Infant Care/Toddler/Twos

At Suncoast Academy, your little bundle of joy is our top priority. Just because a child may be an infant or toddler, doesn’t mean he/she gets left out of the learning-curve.

At the center, we utilize the Infant/Toddler Planning Guide as our curriculum of choice for infants, toddlers and two year olds. Using a theme based approach, each developmentally appropriate activity involves:


  • Language
  • Cognitive skills
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Self-help
  • Social emotional skills



This planning guide provides a variety of activities to meet the rapidly changing needs and interests of this age group. Activities foster emotional security, positive self-concepts, physical and cognitive development. They are organized around typical routines that happen throughout the day, such as meal time, nap time, their play interests, and are coded to identify the development areas stimulated.