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How to Make the Holidays More Enjoyable for Kids

The holidays are a time to enjoy with your family. When you have children in your family, you want to ensure that they enjoy the holidays and build memories that last a lifetime. Having a few ideas in mind will ensure that you are ready for the excitement of a new holiday season.

The Gift of Giving

When children think about holidays like Christmas, they think gifts! But it’s important to teach them that gifts fall into two categories: giving and receiving. While you do want to give children gifts for the holidays, you also want to encourage them to give gifts. Share with your child the good feelings that come along with giving.

Young children can create something special like arts and crafts for their loved ones. As children get older, they can pick out gifts to give family members. The challenge is ensuring that they understand the importance of the season and gift giving. Focus on the fun of giving when it comes to gifts

Encourage Children to Pitch In

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or planning a feast for the evening, you want to encourage children to get involved in the process. Allow children to help with the cooking or to help a family member with specific tasks. For example, a child can help with setting the table by putting out silverware or setting down plates. Alternatively, they can help clear away the table after a meal.

The key is getting your children or the kids in your family involved in the entire process. Let them help when they are interested in a specific task. You can also encourage children to get involved with the cooking process, but make sure you provide appropriate supervision when they are in the kitchen.

Keep the Bedtime Routine

Don’t allow the holidays to keep your children up past their bedtime. Follow the same routines before bed, even if they beg to stay up late. Children need a reasonable amount of structure and routine to avoid feeling stressed and uncomfortable with the holiday season. If you read a bedtime story, then enjoy the time with your children. Read a holiday book to keep up with the theme while still encouraging your children to follow through with the normal routine.

Let the Children Play

A problem that may arise during the holiday season is boredom from the long services or events where children must remain on their best behavior. Balance out the long services with play time or time for your children to enjoy their favorite activities. Keep in mind that they may need attention from their parents and other family members. Let the children play games or engage in fun activities as well as the events that require good behavior.

The holidays are a time to enjoy with your family. When you have children or you are planning to visit loved ones with children, consider their needs and interests as part of the holiday season. Encourage them to give and enjoy the events, but keep a reasonable balance between routine, holiday fun and the stressful events to make lasting memories.

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