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How New Moms Can Cope with Separation Anxiety

Bringing a new baby into the world is an exciting time. You spend the day caring for your child and giving him or her the love they need to thrive and grow. As your child gets a bit older, you may want to consider preschool or other activities. The challenge for any new mother is the feelings that come along with separating from your child and leaving him or her in the care of another. Here are a few ways new Moms can cope with separation anxiety.

Prepare in Advance

Whether you are leaving a child with a babysitter or you plan to enroll your child in an infant childcare program, you want to prepare in advance. Talk to the caregiver about your child’s specific needs and interests. Inform the new teacher about your child’s interests, preferences, and favorite toys. You also want to provide any relevant information about allergies or health concerns that may arise. Preparation will help you feel more comfortable leaving your child in another person’s care.

Keep Things Familiar

Familiarity is a key part of keeping your child comfortable in a new environment. When enrolling your child in an infant childcare program, clarify the rules regarding toys from home or other objects. 

Give Your Baby a Gentle Goodbye

When the time comes for you to leave your child with a caregiver, don’t sneak out when your baby is not looking or ignore the inevitable tears when you walk out the door. Give your child a gentle goodbye and allow the caregiver to engage your child before you walk out the door. By saying goodbye to your child, you allow the caregiver to step in and comfort your child.

Feel Confident in Your Research

While preparation helps you and your child feel comfortable with the changes, a key part of coping with separation anxiety is trusting the research you put into finding the right infant program. Take your time to research your options, read reviews and ask questions to feel confident with your choice.

Separation anxiety can be a challenge for any new mom. The key is taking the time to prepare in advance, getting used to the changes and researching your options to gain confidence in your final decision.

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