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Parent Testimonials

Hear what our parents are saying…

My daughter was in a daycare before coming to Suncoast Academy and to me it just didn’t seem like a good fit and when we came to tour Suncoast it was like this was where she was meant to be. She has learned so much here and the teachers are amazing. Ava loves coming to school which is nice for drop offs. Also the teachers are very knowledgeable about what stages and milestones your child should or needs to be at, which helps a first time mom like myself. We love Suncoast Academy. ~ Shannon

Suncoast Academy is my savior! When I first stepped in this daycare I fell in LOVE w/ the owner (Mrs. Chris) and all of her staff. My daughter has been there since 2005 (6 wks. old) until now. My kids love this daycare. Me as a parent it brings me great joy to know that my kids are being taking care of at Suncoast Academy. ~ Denise B.

My son has attended Suncoast Academy for the past 5 years, from the time he was 3 months old, until most recently when he graduated from VPK. From the time he was enrolled at Suncoast, I knew I had found the right Day Care to meet my son’s needs. Suncoast offers a great environment for kids to learn and also have fun. I have always felt secure in the knowledge that my son is in a trustworthy Day Care with staff that cares about the safety and well-being of the children. Would highly recommend Suncoast to anyone looking for a Day Care for their child, from infancy through VPK. ~ Naomi Carrasquillo

We were looking for a daycare we could trust and felt comfortable with. One day, my husband drove by and went in to Suncoast Academy. He immediately called me and said, “This feels like home.” We switched our child’s care right away and never looked back!! We are so thankful that they are supportive and truly care about our child. They are great to us and we would never go anywhere else. We are constantly telling others how happy we are with their services and how good it feels to be at ease when your child is in someone else’s care. Highly recommended!! They are aware of the child’s individual needs and create a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere!! ~ Vicky and Daryl Oliver

I am not only a parent of a child that attends Suncoast Academy but I attended Suncoast Academy myself. I have known “Mrs. Chris” since I was about two years old and trust her with the care of my child without a doubt. She and all the teachers care and enjoy what they do. I am so glad I have a place for my child to thrive and make friends. They must be doing something right if they have been around since I was a child (30+ years). ~ Ashley

Suncoast Academy has played a major role in my son’s life. His growth and development from toddler to his preparation for kindergarten are a huge reflection of the education that he’s received from the school. We love his teachers and all the activities that they offer. He’s really sad that we have to leave but Ms. Chris is an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend Suncoast Academy to anyone. ~ Cristina Figueroa

From the moment I walked into the Suncoast, I felt the warm, family air. Our son has had 4 wonderful years there of friendships, fun, and learning with both his teachers and now lifelong friends. We look forward to the same for our 9 month baby girl. ~ Jackie Cahill