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Tips for Successfully Potty Training Your Toddler

Getting your child potty trained is a milestone every parent is happy to achieve. The process of helping your child transition from diapers to toilet can be challenging, but there are a few things you can do to help the process along. These tips should assist:


Be Patient

It’s important to be patient throughout the process of potty training. Every child understands and reacts differently. Take your time and allow the child to move at their own pace.


Reward Them

Children do well when they have some sort of incentive when attempting to use the potty. Making them feel as if they have accomplished something great has a strong impact on their self-esteem. This also helps the child know you care.


Utilize a schedule

Having specific times to use the potty will get your child used to going. In addition to a schedule, get your child into a routine by taking them to the bathroom after they have had something to drink, when they wake up in the morning, right after a nap, and before bed.


Make them comfortable

Reading a children’s book about potty training like Everyone Poops, or Once Upon a Potty may keep them interested. Children love to demonstrate they have mastered the task.



Put the potty seat in the bathroom, so your child will know where to go. Getting them used to going in the bathroom will help alleviate the fear of falling into the big toilet.


Wean the diapers

Start using underwear during the day instead of diapers. This will help your child understand that diapers are not to be worn all the time and will assist in making the transition permanent. The more you do this, the quicker they will adapt. Children love to feel as if they are a big boy/girl, and will appreciate the move to underwear.


Ration liquids

Children love drinking, especially if it is sweet. Encourage your child to drink more fluids during the day, and to cut back on them when it gets closer to their nap/bed time. If your child absolutely needs to drink something before sleeping, give them water. Save the sweet treats such as teas and juice for after school. Make going on the potty a part of your child’s nightly routine. When they first wake up, immediately take them to the potty. They will begin to understand the entire potty training process, and will develop a mindset of “wanting to go potty.”


These tips are useful in finding a balanced edge. Keep the trust levels high, and instill the confidence your child needs to progress. By following these potty training tips, your child will be using the potty in no time flat!

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