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Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Summer Camp for Your Child

Selecting a summer camp for your child seems complicated when you have a variety of options. By clarifying certain information before making a decision, you can ensure that you send your child to the right camp for his or her interests as well as safety.

What is the Child to Teacher Ratio?

The child to teacher ratio is a key part of keeping your children safe during their time at the summer camp. You want to ask about the ratio to ensure that enough adults are available to handle challenges or unexpected complications that may occur. The best number of teachers to students depends on the age of your children. For younger children, you want a lower ratio so each teacher is only working with a small number of individuals. You may also want to ensure that the teachers goes through a background check when they work with young children.

What Activities are Available for Children?

The activities available in a summer camp allow you to determine a level of interest your child may show in the specific camp. While many camps offer activities like camping, swimming or engaging in outdoor activities, your child may have an interest in other activities. For example, you may have a child who has an interest in theater or art. In that situation, you want to ensure that a summer camp has the activities he or she enjoys as an option during their time away from home.

What Themes do You Explore?

Themes differ from activities because they give a central idea that builds options for different activities based on interest level. A camp may have several themes throughout the summer months that range from moving and exercising by playing sports, building rockets for an interest in science or even engaging in plays and similar actions.

Discuss available themes at the summer camp and the timing of the themes when a camp allows participants to join at different times during the summer. The appropriate themes available in a camp may vary significantly.

Does the Camp Have Medical Solutions for Emergencies?

While the ideal camp will not have any emergencies or major injuries, you must consider the possibility of broken bones, cuts and other injuries when your child engages in outdoor activities at a summer camp. Finding out the medical options available in an emergency helps you determine the overall safety of the camp. Ideally, a camp should have first aid capabilities as well as a procedure for emergencies.

Summer is a time to explore and enjoy activities, but the best camp for your child may depend on a variety of factors. Compare your options and focus on the overall safety as well as the activities before deciding on the right summer camp.

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