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Reading to a Child

Why Reading to Your Child Is So Important

What’s the most important trait you’d like to grow in your child? For many parents, intelligence ranks first. We all believe that our kids are little geniuses; explaining why most parents labor to find the perfect schools and ensuring that teachers surpass their expectations.

But, ultimately, as a parent, you can improve your child’s cognitive abilities by simply making reading an integral part of your child’s upbringing. Reading is a good thing even for us adults, but do you know the exact benefits of reading to your child?

Creates a stronger bond between you and your child

Every day presents your child with a new learning experience. Cuddling up with a fun book at the end of a busy day of running around and playing your child’s favorite games is an excellent way to end the day and perfectly recaptures the sweet, snuggly moments you enjoyed with your child since infancy. Most importantly, your child will not view reading as a boring or mandatory task, but a beautiful activity that brings mommy and baby together.

Breeds educational brilliance

Reading creates a higher aptitude and hunger for learning. There are numerous scientific studies that show that students who were exposed to reading in their formative years (0-5) perform better in all facets of education. Reading builds on concentration and discipline and makes it easier for your child to form and understand sentence structure.

Look at it this way, how can you expect your child to excel in all matters academic if forming a basic sentence seems like an uphill task?

Speeds up speech

Throughout preschool, your child is building on essential enunciation skills. Reading books to your child reinforces all the basic sounds of language. Encourage ‘pretend reading’ by your child (where he/she flips through the pages of a book as he or she giggles in delight), though you might not know it, your child will have already begun sounding words by him/ herself by trying to mimic how you read.

Boosts communication skills

By reading to your child, you are improving his or her range ofInline image 1 vocabulary making it easier to express him/ herself. Children also learn from the social aspect of a story. For example, he or she knows that little froggy has a mommy, daddy, sister, brother, aunty, uncle,…, and friends, making it easier for him or her to interact with other people in real life.

A trait that will last a lifetime

Early reading helps your child view reading as an indulgence and not something boring. Learning something new from reading a book will fuel the hunger for knowledge, and this is likely to stick with your child all through his/ her life.

At Suncoast Academy, we understand the value of reading to your child and our entire staff is dedicated to furthering the development of your child’s education, mental and physical growth. Contact us today for the most caring and trusting infant and child care in Tampa Bay.

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