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6 Tips to Ease Separation Anxiety at Daycare in Tampa

7795721_sChildren regularly experience periods of separation anxiety during their early years.

While these are very normal stages, they are difficult for parents to navigate.

Here are some tips to make drop offs at your daycare in Tampa easier for both of you.


  1. Prepare your child. Talk about Suncoast Academy, the teachers, the plan for the day. Especially after vacations or life changes, remind your child of the daily routine.
  2. Create consistent morning routines. Children feel safe with routines. They know what to expect. If your child knows that every morning she will wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, and then go to childcare, it minimizes her fears of the unknown.
  3. Set the tone. Children take their cue from you. Maintain a confident, fun attitude that it will be a great day! While your child may have tears, you have only excitement for their upcoming adventures!
  4. Allow a memory object. A special bracelet or nap time blanket can remind a little child of how you love her and will be back to get her. While many parents think photos of them will make their children sad, photos can actually serve as a visual reassurance of your child’s loving family.
  5. Keep it simple. The best goodbyes are often the simplest. When it’s time to leave, give your child a kiss, repeat “Have a great day!”, and leave. Long tearful goodbyes make it more painful for children. Sneaking out while your child is distracted will make your child confused when he realizes you’re gone. Keep it simple and soon your child will find comfort in that quick, painless moment!
  6. Get help! Our teachers at Suncoast Academy aren’t just here for your children; they are here for you! We will work with you to find traditions and simple activities that your child can look forward to doing each morning when he or she arrives.

Suncoast Academy is proud to be a part of your child’s life. We want to work with you to make sure your child has a loving, secure place to spend his or her day. Contact us to get your children started!

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