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How Suncoast Academy Preschoolers Excel With Creative Curriculum

In Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, or VPK, program, the emphasis is on reading, writing and the development of solid social skills. At Suncoast Academy, your early learner will have the opportunity to grow both academically and socially, through the use of a creative curriculum that engages kids and encourages them to practice new skills daily.

How Suncoast Academy Preschoolers Spend their Day

Once your child is enrolled in VPK at Suncoast Academy Preschool, they will be excited to tell you that they spent the day singing songs, listening to stories read aloud to them by teachers, and painting. They may talk about the question of the day, and how they and their classmates answered it. It all sounds like a fun day spent playing with friends, and indeed, making it feel fun is a primary goal. But at the root of The Creative Curriculum, children learn how to think, discuss, contribute, encourage, make predictions and draw conclusions. They form positive connections with adults and peers, and they stretch vocabulary and thinking skills.

How The Creative Curriculum Works at Suncoast Academy

The Creative Curriculum is a goal-oriented program that emphasizes skill-building in a number of areas:

  • Learning to self-regulate emotions and behavior
  • Making and retaining positive relationships with adults and peers
  • Participating successfully as part of a group
  • Expressing thoughts and needs using appropriate language
  • Growing cognitively
  • Finely tuning motor skills and coordination
  • Developing literacy in language arts, math, science, technology and social studies
  • The Creative Curriculum fosters creative thinking and confidence in learning through the use of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

What This Means for Your Suncoast Academy Student

Even children who are shy or reluctant to participate in groups thrive under a creative curriculum that allows them to grow at their own pace. Group activities are fun, and emphasis is placed on creative learning through play. Children don’t realize they’re learning, but the skills they visit daily will sharpen with practice.

If you’re searching for the right preschool with the right curriculum, schedule an appointment with our friendly admission staff. At Suncoast Academy, your child is the priority.

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